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Precision Label Series
Industrial Label Press

The Precision Label Series inkjet digital label presses and packaging printers are a great fit for growing manufacturers who want their product to make an excellent first impression. With a full product line, we have solutions to meet most customers’ needs.

Inkjet Digital Label Presses


The Precision Label Series 175i is our entry-level and fastest digital label press, with print speeds up to 100 feet per minute. Our high quality, pigment-based ink is water, abrasion and fade resistant. Among others, the PLS-175i can print on paper, polyester, polypropylene and vinyl stock, either 6.5" - 8.5" wide continuous roll or pre die-cut media. The PLS-175i is designed for today’s changing business environment. A label is a product’s first impression, and for companies looking to differentiate themselves, the PLS-175i gives you the flexibility and creative control to ensure your product’s labels help your product stand out.


The Precision Label Series 475i is a high-speed digital label press that can print a continuous roll or pre die-cut media up to 9.5" wide on a wide variety of materials. Prime labels can be produced on a variety of substrates, including pre die-cut labels, inkjet coated face stocks, paper, synthetics, adhesive backed, foils and more. Software is included with step-by-step instructions to guide you through setup and production. What can you print with the PLS-475i? Food and beverage labels, healthcare and pharmaceutical labels, chemicals, corporate promotional items, parking permits, team and school spirit materials - you name it, you can print it.

Muratec PlS-475i Industrial Label Press

Inkjet Digital Label Presses
(with add-on finishing systems)


The PKG-675i is a digital packaging printer that prints on flexible packaging, such as bags and pouches, and corrugated materials, such as folding cartons, displays and traditional boxes. Take your packaging from plain to plain amazing. Manufacturers use the PKG-675i to bring both primary and secondary packaging in-house and help increase their flexibility. With five print heads, the PKG-675 can accommodate variable widths up to 42" with highquality, four-color printing.


The PKG-675L extends the capabilities of the PKG-675i printer, enabling you to laminate flexible packaging, such as food. The PKG-675L is the packaging laminator add-on to the PKG-675i digital packaging printer. Instead of separate packaging and labels, now you can label and laminate all in one step, protecting products from external elements and sealing in freshness and aroma.


The Precision Label Series 875i is a high-speed, high-volume digital label press suited for high production environments. The PLS-875i is a true workhorse that can print as many or as few labels as you like, based on your own designs and requirements. No more fixed setup cost for production runs at third-party analog printing vendors; with the PLS-875i, you control setup and production, guided by software that walks you through setup and execution.


The Precision Label Series 875f is a high-volume production digital label finisher that can cut continuous-fed media up to 8.5" wide, on a variety of media stock. When paired with a PLS-875i, businesses who rely on labels use the PLS-875f to bring label printing in-house and significantly reduce their label spend, waste and production time. Imagine, instead of waiting weeks to receive a label order, you can print, laminate, die-cut and have your labels ready for application in just hours.

Muratec PlS-875f Industrial Label Press>

Toner Digital Label Press


The Precision Label Series 275 gives manufacturers, marketers, private labelers and professional print shops the ability to produce high quality labels, on-demand. The PLS-275 is a compact digital label system that can print continuous-fed media or cut sheets, up to 8.5" wide, on a variety of media stocks. This system features a high-performance, easy-to-use Wasatch RIP that guides users step-by-step through job set-up and execution. Businesses who rely on labels use the PLS-275 to bring label printing in-house and significantly reduce their label spend, waste and production time. Imagine, instead of waiting weeks to receive a label order, you can print, laminate, die-cut and have your labels ready for application in just hours.

Digital Finishing Systems


Sure, you can produce exceptional 3" x 5" labels on plain matte stock; but imagine creating true on-the-shelf visual separation with the Precision Label Series 2112F/2112FXL die-cutter. By adding the PLS-2112F/ PLS-2112FXL digital finishing system, the label design possibilities seem almost endless. Give your labels unique shapes, styles and sizes, increasing overall value and prestige in the consumer’s mind.


The Precision Label Series PLS-401F is a compact, affordable unit enabling cold lamination, digital cutting and slitting. The PLS-401F digital finishing solution laminates, cuts without dies, strips, slits and rewinds your labels. This finisher uses a camera for single mark detection enabling a faster cutting process. Create unique, specialty die-cut labels without additional set-up charges or long lead times from an outside provider.

St. Louis Industrial Label Press